Angry Little Welshman

Sharing my thoughts, experiences, learnings and more, in a variety of ways on my experiences with Anger




Angry Little Welshman and friends

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Angry Little Welshman blog

Click on the picture to be taken to Nick's blog page, where he rambles about anger, mens mental health, his stories and experiences and how anger has influenced his whole life to date.

Sharing me with you

My Youtube page, sharing my personal experiences and difficulties with anger, depression, anxiety and more.

High angergy sillyness

Words of wisdom and general stuff on keeping motivated, managing my anger, turning it into angergy and being positive when I'm not being angry.

Playlists inspired and used by Angry Little Welshman

I am a huge music fan, it has influenced my entire life and I uses it every single day to overcome life's adversities.

Here you will find the podcast playlist, a thinking playlist, mental playlists and more.

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